About Us


Andrew and Janine Judd hail from Adelaide, South Australia.

The vision of Kep Gardens was born in December, 2006 after a holiday in Cambodia and has grown from there.  We were impressed by the overwhelming friendliness and determination of the people despite their long and violent history that resulted in their poor socioeconomic conditions, particularly in the rural communities.  We had been seeking avenues to contribute in a valuable and meaningful way to society in the later years of our life that could be achievable with limited monetary resources.  What started out as a holiday has turned into a determination to help make a brighter future for the children and youth in a small, Cambodian, rural community.

Andrew has a mechanical engineering and building background gaining a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and building various houses in Adelaide.  Janine gained a Business College Diploma and completed her teaching certificate in Papua New Guinea.  Both taught their skills for 5 years in Papua New Guinea.  Janine was involved in Special Education teaching and finance for over 15 years in various Adelaide schools while Andrew concentrated on manufacturing engineering and construction projects.

The project has been self-funded but our objective is to ensure that the project is sustainable in the long term.  We receive some funds through the generosity of individuals and the maintenance work of our trade skills section.

All of our activities provide employment and training for the local people.