Career Student Programme

Teacher Training

Yoem Sokyin

Sokyin is a new staff member.  She is our Playgroup teacher and will be attending Kindergarten Teacher training in Phnom Penh in 2021.

Ngov Kimhean

Kimhean is our Playgroup and Reception classes teacher.  She completed her Kindergarten Teaching training in Phnom Penh in 2018.   She will also be attending many smaller courses such as 0-3 child development, 3-6 child development, day care training and parenting programmes.  She is our resident early childhood expert and we are very proud of her love and commitment to her students.

IT Degrees

Sot Phanha, Kheng Pitak, and Chun Tithaka are currently being sponsored for extra lessons for Year 12.  They are hoping to study for a degree in IT in 2021. 

Nursing/Engineering Degrees

In 2012 we selected 4 Year 12 students on the basis of need and commitment to sponsor through to the end of their studies until they become qualified in their chosen career.  If the students didn’t pass the Year 12 exams they would be ineligible for many types of further vocational and/or educational training.

In order to help them pass Year 12 we provided private tutors at Kep Gardens for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology for a twelve-month period.  The exams were at the beginning of August 2013 and all were successful in passing Year 12 with grades high enough to apply for entrance to their chosen careers.

 Seum Baraing now has an Engineering Degree.

Sok Tann, Chhoam Savry, and Phorn Sreyleap completed a 4-year Nursing Degree. 

At the end of their studies, Kep Gardens assisted with job applications and continued to mentor and support them until they had found employment. 

Hospitality Training

In 2009 we sponsored 4 students, Pring Sopheak, Khem Sokim, Noun Kimsy, and Chea Sopheak to the 5 star Paul duBrule Hospitality and Tourism School in Siem Reap.  They undertook a 12-month intensive training course each studying different areas: reception, housekeeping, bar service, table service, and tourism.  They also provided training seminars to staff at guesthouses and restaurants in the Kep area upon their return.

We are very proud of all the students we have sponsored.  They worked hard, tried their best, and achieved fantastic results.

In 2009 we sponsored 2 students to the university course of their choice. We will continue to support disadvantaged students when they have completed Year 12 to move on to higher studies in their chosen field.

We have provided 3 students with accommodation at Kep Gardens and support to attend the local public schools and our English classes.