English Competition

Sunday saw the final meeting of the students who competed in the first English Competition organized by Keat Sarak and Uy Vuthy. Mr Kheng Yeon, the Governor of Kep City, announced the results of the competition. Congratulations to all the students who participated and to the students who were named in the top 9. By continuing to improve your English skills you are opening up greater opportunities for employment once you complete Grade 12. A special thank you should be given to the NGOs and Associations in Kep who encouraged their students to participate and who work so hard to provide opportunities for the children in Kep. Thank you also for your donations to the prizes. Ngov Kimhean was an excellent MC and thank you to Martin Fisher who judged the spoken language section with Uy Vuthy and Michael who donated the food. Thank you to various supporters who donated money for the ceremony or goods for prizes. The students appreciate your support as they all went home with a full stomach, laden with presents to reward them for their efforts.