Introducing the Kep Gardens’ family

Pring Sopheak

Trainee Manager:  Sopheak is our trainee manager, responsible for organizing staff duties on a daily basis, verbal and written translation, government liaison, farm management and the overall smooth running of Kep Gardens. He is also learning basic accounting and is responsible for the fuel and tuk tuk accounts.  Sopheak also looks after the volunteers during their stay at Kep Gardens arranging site seeing, travel and anything else they require.  Sopheak was one of our hospitality students we sponsored to Siem Reap and is an excellent bartender.  Sopheak is eager to learn and works hard to improve his skills.


Nuon Kimsy

Storytelling/Playgroup Teacher:  Kimsy runs our morning classes for children aged 1 – 4 years.

Volunteer Co-ordinator:  Kimsy was also one of our hospitality students we sponsored to Siem Reap.  She is a very good people person.  She looks after the school groups that camp at Kep Gardens, ensuring that they have a complete Cambodian experience while in Kep:  traditional Cambodian cooking using a wood fire;  arranging site seeing; village walks; traditional Cambodian dancing.


Sgnoun Choun

Cook and Housekeeper: Choun is the longest serving member of the team, working at Kep Gardens for the last 8 years.  She always has a cheery smile for everyone and keeps us up to date with the local gossip.  She genuinely cares for Kep Gardens and everyone involved in the project.  She attended cooking lessons in Kampot and serves tasty European and Khmer food.  Choun looks after us as if she were our mother.


Neng Kimhour - Copy

Neng Kimhour

Hospitality Apprentice:  Kimhour is learning to clean to guest house standards and Choun is teaching her Khmer and European cooking.  In the future she will also attend cooking classes in Kampot.  With these skills she will be employable in the hospitality industry.  We will then replace her with another unemployed youth who will learn similar skills.  Kimhour has been attending English classes for the last 3 years to add to her skills.


P1230555 - Copy (2)  Pov Sokman

Sopheak - Copy  Pring Sopheak

P1210095  Mey Hutch
P1200394  Lob Raim

P1230307_-_Copy  Yoin Daream

Construction Team:

Pov Sokman assists and directs the trades training.

Apart from his managerial training Sopheak is also learning trade skills, organizational skills for the jobs, equipment and staff needed.  He is turning out to be a competent electrician.

Mr Huch leads the construction team.

Mr Raim is a very traditional Cambodian whose family is very important to him. He is a willing and conscientious student and very reliable.

Mr Rim is the youngest member of the team and showing growing capabilities in oxy arc welding and first fix electrical work.

We are always on the lookout for younger apprentices.


Kem Choun

Tuk tuk Service: Kep Gardens runs a tuk tuk service in order to generate funds. Choun is our driver who takes great care to ensure his passengers are safe and get good service.


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Andrew and Janine Judd

Andrew teaches the practical trade skills and works on the construction projects.  Janine concentrates on the English school, Career Student Programme and administration.  Together we guide the project, the overall aim being long term sustainability.