Educational support fund


  • We selected 4 Year 12 students on the basis of need and commitment to sponsor through to the end of their studies until they become qualified in their chosen career.

If the students didn’t pass the Year 12 exams they would be ineligible for many types of further vocational and/or educational training.

Stage 1: In order to help them pass Year 12 we provided private tutors at Kep Gardens for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology for a twelve month period.

The exams were at the beginning of August 2013 and all were successful in passing Year 12 with grades high enough to apply for entrance to their chosen careers.



After passing his entrance exam, Baraing is attending the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, studying a 5-year degree course in Civil Engineering (see This is supposed to be the best University in Cambodia for engineering skills. Situated in Phnom Penh, it is a huge complex, with a lot of accommodation available close by for students. Baraing is attending additional private English classes to enhance his chances of finding a job at the end of his studies.


Savry, Sreyleap and Tann passed their entrance exam and are attending the Life University in Sihanoukville, studying a 4-year degree course in Nursing (see Apart from nursing and general subjects, English is also included in the curriculum. Not only will this enable them to keep improving the English skills they already have but will help them enormously to find work in a major hospital of the high standard once they graduate.

Stage 3: At the end of their studies, Kep Gardens will assist with job applications and continue to mentor and support them once they have found employment.


Sok Tann             Chhoam Savry


Phorn Sreyleap Seum Baraing


  • We have provided 3 students with accommodation at Kep Gardens and support to attend the local public schools and our English classes. Many children in Kampong Tralach Village have never attended school. We would like to extend this fund to sponsor more children to attend the public schools.
  • In 2009/10 we sponsored 2 students to the university course of their choice. We will continue to support disadvantaged students when they have completed Year 12 to move on to higher studies in their chosen field.