English school and library

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Our English school has been running since 2008. We hold 4 classes from Monday to Friday for 44 weeks of the year. Yearly enrolments are around 120 and we have a substantial waiting list. Students’ ages range from 5 years old to mature adults.

Now that we are in partnership with a volunteer organization we are able to offer a Reading and Conversation Programme regularly on a one-on-one basis.

Four mornings a week we hold a storytelling/playgroup for children aged 1-4 years, the aim of which is to build a love of reading and learning.

For students in Year 10 and 11 who attend our English classes we have started a Youth Programme where they will learn leadership, communication, conflict solving, decision making and responsibility skills.

We believe in life skills training to provide a rounded education. We provide education in:

  • Water Safety. Vital for all children in an area with the sea and dams. There is little understanding of water safety in the community and frequent drownings.
  • Hygiene. With limited facilities and close living conditions hygiene is a vital skill.
  • Health Checks. Annual ear, eye and general health checks are conducted at the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital, a private hospital outside of Kampot.
  • Dental Health. Annual checkups and treatment from the mobile dental clinic sponsored by the Buddhist Library.
  • Health Workshops.  When experts are available and willing we hold health workshops for the community, the latest for women on cervical cancer.
  • Stranger Danger. The openness and friendliness of Cambodian children needs to be weighed up against dangers from traffickers and those who would seek to harm them. We can ensure they know how to protect themselves.
  • Child Labour. We work with the Government informing students and through them their families of the current laws regarding child labur and stress the importance of education.
  • Positive Thinking and Team Building. Excursions to a fully supervised adventure playground provides a fun way to learn these important skills.
  • Driver Safety. Most families have 1 moto shared between all members of the family. Once the students reach high school many of them drive the moto occasionally with no training or licences. There are many accidents on the roads and often fatalities with the younger drivers.
  • Artistic and Expression Activities. Classes are incorporated into the English curriculum covering craftwork, painting, drawing, theatre, dance, music and circus activities.

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Photos courtesy of Joakim LeRoy Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

We run a small library during class times.  The Youth Programme students oversee the running of the library.

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