Art Classes

We are very lucky at Kep Gardens to have Bettina Gebhardt visit Kep Gardens at least once a week, to give all students the chance to express themselves through art and craft activities. Bettina also donates the resources she uses. Thank you very much Bettina for your support of Kep Gardens and for helping the students to discover hidden talents.

Khmer Culture

Last week Keat spoke with Reception 2 about the clothes the people in the villages worn when she was younger. Some brought examples from home and gave a fashion show.

English Competition

This morning 7 students from Kep Gardens headed off to MCS to compete in part 1 of an English competition organized by Keat Sarak and Uy Vuthy. This first section was Conversation so Martin Fisher, an Englishman, along with Vuthy were the examiners. Twenty-three children were chosen by the various NGOs and Associations to compete. Win or lose it is […]

We have finally found a football coach

We have finally found a football coach!!! Thank you very much to Kristoff Collignon and David Omnes from Kep Villa Hill Guesthouse who have kindly agreed to coach our younger students’ football team on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I saw many happy faces when I watched from the sidelines recently.

Art competition

In second term we held an art competition where the students that wanted to, drew a picture. We then invited impartial, outside judges to choose a first, second and third in each class. This year we invited Bettina and Stephan to judge the competition. Thank you very much for accepting our invitation. The students presented some amazing pictures, many are […]

Donations for the Community

Bettina and Stephan Gebhardt, with help from their friends, regularly collect various items such as clothing, water filters, bags and bedding, some second hand, many brand new, and pass them onto Kep Gardens to distribute them to poorer families in the community. This weekend saw the third of such activities. Many familes went away happy with the goods they had […]

Donations from the Community

A big thank you to Thy Channy and Nem Chenda for donating 2 beautiful desks to Kep Gardens. At the moment we are using them in the classroom in the shed but will be moving them shortly to a better situation which such nice furniture deserves. Thank you, we appreciate your support of Kep Gardens. A big thank you to […]